Top 10 Bikepacking Trips that Will Blow Your Mind 

By SABIR BEPARI| feb 12, 2024

Scottish Highlands

Traverse the Badger Divide, wild camping under starry skies. Loch Ness whispers legends, trails test your grit.  

Icelandic Wilds

 Volcanoes loom, glaciers gleam,  otherworldly landscapes on remote gravel tracks. Soak in geothermal  pools, chase the Northern Lights. 

Patagonian Pampas

Endless plains, windswept coast, towering Andes. Spot condors, guanacos, feel the untamed spirit. 

Utah Canyons

 Red rock majesty, carved by time. Slickrock challenges, hidden waterfalls, starry desert nights. 

Vietnam Coastline

Emerald rice paddies, ancient temples, bustling cities. Cruise the Mekong Delta, savor local flavors. 

French Alps

 Cols beckon, switchbacks climb, breathtaking vistas. Quaint villages, cheese & wine, Tour de France spirit. 

New Zealand Trails

 Diverse terrain, from lush forests to rugged mountains. Maori culture, geothermal wonders, adventure awaits.  

Scottish Islands

 Island hop on quiet roads, dramatic coastlines. Puffins, seals, whisky distilleries, wild beauty unfolds. 

Canadian Rockies

 Jagged peaks pierce the sky, turquoise lakes reflect glaciers. Hike, bike, paddle, immerse in nature's grandeur.  

German River Routes

Follow the Rhine, Danube, Weser. Medieval towns, fairytale castles, vineyards, cycling paradise. 

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